Imagining the Future with GPTs

Ali Khan
4 min readNov 8, 2023
DALL-E — Generated on 7th November 2023

With the OpenAI DevDay announcements of the capability to create your own GPTs and the upcoming launch of the GPT Store, the path to the impact of the power of Generative AI in our daily personal and business lives is becoming clearer. Analogies in the world of tech are usually faulty, but it seems that these exciting few months of rapid advancements in the world of Generative AI since the launch of Chat GPT in Nov 2022 are akin to the days of Web 1.0 or the pre-smartphone apps era, where the technology was there, but software hadn’t yet eaten the world.

The following three ongoing and emerging trends are set to open up a multitude of opportunities and possibilities that are currently very hard to envision, let alone predict:

  • Pervasive Gen AI in the day-to-day computing experience. Microsoft is a clear winner in this area with the already available “co-pilot” feature in Microsoft 365, Windows, etc.
  • Emerging focus on Open Source Gen AI models.
  • Healthy competition between tech giants, ensuring access to advanced AI features and capabilities while keeping costs low.
  • No-code or low-code access to creating GPT/AI agents.

These trends could lead to an explosion of GPT apps and agents, similar to smartphone apps since the launch of the iPhone App Store. It will be important to have a ‘unified experience’ on the web or our favorite chat apps where you can access and talk to these GPT agents and apps. Having this unified experience, instead of using multiple apps or having to switch between GPTs, will be pivotal for the broader customer adoption of GPTs. It’s possible that such a unified experience could be offered by more than one player in the market.

Now, if we let the horses of possibility run through the fields of imagination, the following are some of the ideas that I have jotted down over the last few weeks while playing with various AI products and models (shout-out to Hugging Face). I am categorizing them into immediate and near-term. You can also see them as around-the-corner and a few-blocks-down-the-road.


  • Face of businesses: Similar to websites, Facebook pages, phone numbers, etc., every business will need a GPT that you can chat with through the…



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